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Producing over 1 million stitches per day

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Screen printing

4 Manual Press

1 Automatic Press

Our Top Notch Online Stores allow you and your organization to promote with custom apparel, equipment and accessories.  No more orders forms, collecting fees, and the headaches of figuring out who ordered what.  Set up an online store and use it as a Fundraiser and start collecting funds today!!

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Heat Transfer

3 Manual Press

2 Automatic Press

Athletic House is a family-owned and -operated business – always have been, always will be. We have been working with organization's and business' for over 30 years.  Providing all types of apparel and uniforms ranging from youth sports teams jerseys to corporate business attire. Give us a call today and see what a difference we can make for you.

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Practice Gear, Warm Up Gear, Game Uniforms

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Work wear, auto mechanic wear, restaurant wear

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Tee Shirts, Long Sleeve tee, sweat shirt, sweat pant